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James D. Walsh

Maryland Ground Rent Law Found Unconstitutional for a Second Time
James D. Walsh, Maryland    December 22, 2011

About 15 months ago, we opined that the 2007 Maryland legislation reforming ground rents was constitutionally defective.  The courts agree.

Various Fees and Taxes Increase Effective July 1
James D. Walsh, Tax    July 12, 2011

Assorted fees and taxes increased on July 1 here in Maryland, including: (1) Increase of vehicle registration fees (up $26.50 for most vehicles over the two-year registration period), (2) Doubling (to $40.00) of the land records surcharge assessed on deeds, (3) Increase to 9% (from 6%) for the sales tax on alcohol, (4) Increasing the […]

Howard County bans smoking in public parks

Howard County Health Director Dr. Peter Beilenson announced today that Howard County will ban smoking in its parks effective tomorrow, July 13. The latest Howard County ban does not affect smoking in other public places nor on privately-owned yet publicly-accessible recreation areas (e.g., Columbia Association open spaces).

Separation of Church and State
James D. Walsh    October 20, 2010

Christine O’Donnell’s comment about the absence of separation of church and state in the Constitution led to an online discussion/debate with a friend of mine. Please understand that I’m not arguing against the concept of the separation of church and state itself, but pointing out that Ms. O’Donnell is literally correct that it’s not in […]