Tailoring Estate Plans

To Meet Your Needs

Whether you are a person of significant means or have a more modest income, it is important to establish a comprehensive estate plan. When you call Walsh & Company, our estate planning attorneys will work with you to develop a customized plan designed to meet your individual needs. Our skill and experience helps us protect our clients’ assets using a variety of methods.

At Walsh & Company, our objective is to make sure you have a plan that is best for you. We recognize your estate planning needs and requirements do not match those of any other person, so our lawyers will listen carefully to your objectives and review your unique situation. Next, we will work with you to build a customized estate plan that may include:

Tailoring Estate Plans To Meet Your Needs
  • Wills and living wills (health care instructions).
  • Powers of attorney, including durable medical powers of attorney (health care power of attorney)
  • Trusts, including testamentary trusts, revocable living trusts, irrevocable trusts, dynasty trusts, life insurance trusts, special needs trusts, charitable remainder trusts, qualified domestic trusts and personal residence trusts
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Charitable giving, legacy planning, endowments
  • Financial planning assistance
  • Other asset protection tools
  • Comprehensive Retirement Planning

As people grow older, they may encounter situations for which they have not planned. For example, if the mother and father pass away, who will care for the children? At Walsh & Company, we believe it is impossible to over plan. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of issues pertaining to estate planning and elder law. As a legal team, they use that knowledge to help our clients:

  • Preserve assets
  • Minimize estate and gift taxes
  • Develop long-term care plans
  • Establish guardianships
  • Manage daily living tasks

Financial Planning Assistance

Many law firms are capable of setting up trusts and crafting comprehensive estate plans. However, few law firms offer the full range of financial planning assistance services which are designed to help you meet your financial goals as you grow older. When you meet with our attorneys at the law firm of Walsh & Company, we will work in tandem with a financial planner who will gather a comprehensive assessment of your goals, including your desired retirement target, what type of lifestyle you wish to maintain in retirement and other information. Once our team understands your goals and how risk-averse you happen to be, we can help you choose from a wide range of financial portfolios that will best suit your needs.

Serving As Fiduciaries To Help Protect Your Financial Assets.

Some financial advisors and stockbrokers are not required to act as fiduciaries when it comes to managing your money. In other words, they do not have to act in their clients’ overall best interests, but only have to recommend products and investments that are generally suitable for their clients. This approach has resulted in countless people suddenly finding that their nest egg has been severely diminished if not made entirely worthless. Our lawyers work closely with a team of financial professionals who are required by law to operate as fiduciaries. That is, we will always put your best interests first when it comes to your investments. Part of our approach is to ensure that your investment portfolio is broadly diversified so that you do not suddenly find yourself in a financial crisis when the stock market experiences a drop.

Contact Us For Comprehensive Estate Planning Services.

We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive estate planning services. Some firms will merely do paperwork, expecting their clients to change titles to property as needed or to put their faith in brokers who may not have their best interests at heart. We handle all of the details and we work hard to help protect you from investment mistakes that can drain the money you have worked so hard to protect. Whether you are risk-averse or prefer to take a more aggressive approach to your investments, we can help design a financial plan that is right for you. Contact us online or call 410-312-5690 to find out how we can help you.

Asset Protection

Helping People Preserve Their Wealth Through Proper Planning.

Estate, business and tax planning are vital to preserving your wealth as you get older. At Walsh & Company, our asset protection attorneys work closely with clients to develop plans to address their financial health. We help clients protect their estates against lawsuits, the government, creditors and unintended heirs. Since 1995, clients have relied on us for dependable service and high-quality advice.

Elder Law Attorneys And Estate Planning Counselors.

For many older people, it is disheartening to think of losing a home and all the assets of a lifetime’s worth of work because of the costs of long-term or nursing home care. Our Baltimore elder law attorneys can help you with Medicaid planning so that you can preserve assets for your children or your own needs. We can also help you apply, appeal or reapply for Social Security disability benefits. We believe there are legal and ethical ways to safeguard the assets you have worked so hard to earn. When you meet with our legal team, we will help you develop comprehensive asset protection strategies. Through the judicious and ethical use of irrevocable trusts, asset transfers and other tools, our attorneys can help you protect your estate and still qualify for Medicaid assistance.

Trusts, Tax Law And Business Planning.

Firm founder Jim Walsh, and Attorney Jonathan Greenstein, both former CPA’s, provide knowledgeable tax law, as well as business law and estate planning advice. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping clients preserve their assets through proper planning. We tailor our services to ensure that your plan will protect your legacy and help you control your assets as you see fit.


Charitable Giving

Maximizing The Benefits Of Your Charitable Trust.

Many people choose to make a charitable donation as part of their estate plan. Maximizing the value of your donation requires a lawyer who understands estate planning, finance and taxation law. We have extensive experience advising clients on charitable giving matters, including legacy planning, endowments and the establishment of charitable remainder trusts. Whether you are looking to establish a charitable trust now or through the operation of your will, we can help you understand the benefits and requirements of your trust. These trusts can impact capital gains tax liability, estate tax liability and income tax liability. If structured correctly, they can allow you to protect your assets, while providing for a worthy cause.

Protecting What Is Most Important to You.

Not all charitable gifts are treated equally. An endowment is treated differently under the law than a remainder trust. The gift instrument outlining your plan must be carefully structured to accomplish your goals properly. We have the experience to explain all your options and make sure your gift is handled in the way you see fit.


Understanding the Benefits of a Trust

Trusts are an important component of many estate plans. At Walsh & Company,  we have extensive experience helping clients establish, fund and administer trusts. Over the years, we have helped countless clients create comprehensive estate plans using wills, trusts and other estate planning tools.


Committed To Meeting Your Unique Needs

Once we understand your goals, we will explain your options and guide you through the legal process. Our experience in trust law allows us to provide efficient, effective service to find the right solutions for you. We can help you with any type of trust, including:

  • Testamentary trusts
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Dynasty trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Qualified domestic trusts
  • Personal residence trusts

A variety of trusts can be used to protect your assets and your loved ones. Trusts are often used to avoid time and expense in probate proceedings, as well as to ensure ongoing support for your loved ones. They offer a level of control over your assets that no other tool can match. At Walsh & Company, we understand trust law and can help you realize the benefits of this powerful estate planning device.


Trust Administration Attorneys

In addition to selecting, forming and funding a trust, we help clients in administering trusts to ensure that the bank or other trustee is meeting all legal obligations. One of our attorneys is also able to serve as the trustee, if required. If you need assistance with a trust or have questions about establishing a trust, contact us by e-mail or call 410-312-5690.