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Various Fees and Taxes Increase Effective July 1
James D. Walsh, Tax    July 12, 2011

Assorted fees and taxes increased on July 1 here in Maryland, including: (1) Increase of vehicle registration fees (up $26.50 for most vehicles over the two-year registration period), (2) Doubling (to $40.00) of the land records surcharge assessed on deeds, (3) Increase to 9% (from 6%) for the sales tax on alcohol, (4) Increasing the […]

IRS Announces Important Updates
Tax    January 21, 2011

If you usually turn in your tax returns far in advance of the deadline, don’t be too hasty this year- you might not be allowed to file your return yet. The IRS recently announced that, due to late changes to the tax law in 2010, certain tax filers will have to wait until mid- to […]

IRS Begins 2011 Tax Season With An Extension Announcement
Tax    January 8, 2011

The Internal Revenue Service began the 2011 tax season by announcing on January 4 that taxpayers will have until April 18 this year to file their tax returns and pay any tax due. The extension until Monday, April 18 is because Emancipation Day, a Washington, D.C. holiday usually celebrated on April 16, will be instead […]