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The Net Investment Income Tax: A Potential Pitfall for the Unwary

A new tax came into effect beginning in 2013, one that you might not have heard of: the Net Investment Income Tax. Basically, any income that is classified as Net Investment Income (NII) is subject to an additional tax at a flat rate of 3.8% of the amount of NII, provided that adjusted gross income […]

Creating Your Own Dynasty:Your Children and Grandchildren Will Thank You
Estate Administration, Tax    February 10, 2013

Most clients, when asked how they would like to have their estates distributed if there were no such thing as taxes to be considered, tell us they want most everything to go to their spouse, or to be divided among their kids if their spouse is not living. After calculating the potential estate or inheritance […]

Don’t Be A Victim of Boilerplate Word Processing
Tax, Uncategorized    January 21, 2013

A principle of good estate planning is that there is no “one size fits all” estate plan.  Every estate plan should be customized for the particular needs and desires of a family or individual, whether or not the estate is “taxable” (for estates from 2012, over $1 million for Maryland state estate tax purposes, or […]

Getting the Most From Your End-Of-The-Year Giving
Tax, Uncategorized    December 26, 2012

The holidays are a time for giving – and for many, that means giving to a charitable organization. Even though Christmas has passed, there are still a few days left to make a contribution that will be tax-deductible for 2012. If you’re planning on donating before the year’s end, here are some tips to ensure […]