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The Slayer’s Rule: Murder, Mayhem, and… Public Policy?
Estate Administration, Maryland    September 8, 2012

We thought it would be interesting to take a look at a little history and perspective on a common law rule in Maryland, versions of which can be found in the legal code created by Napoleon (“Code Napoleon”) and with origins dating back to 6th century Roman law.  The current statement of Maryland’s “slayer’s rule” […]

The Maryland “Medical Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment” Form: A Potential Trap for the Unwary
Jonathan E. Greenstein, Maryland    January 11, 2012

The Maryland Legislature, with a minimum fanfare, has enacted a new law that potentially could affect every senior citizen, as well as others who are admitted to health care facilities such as a nursing home, assisted living, a home health agency, a kidney dialysis center, or a hospice (but not, at this time, a hospital).  […]

Maryland Ground Rent Law Found Unconstitutional for a Second Time
James D. Walsh, Maryland    December 22, 2011

About 15 months ago, we opined that the 2007 Maryland legislation reforming ground rents was constitutionally defective.  The courts agree.