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August 2012

The Woman Behind the (Digital) Curtain
Uncategorized, Walsh & Company News    August 29, 2012

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you may have been wondering who is responsible for all those posts – so we’d like to pull back the digital curtain and reveal that Anna Walsh is the woman behind it. Although Anna has been working with Walsh & Company in an unofficial capacity for many […]

Where Does Estate Planning End and Elder Planning Begin?
Uncategorized    August 25, 2012

We are often asked questions by clients, associated third parties, and others concerning the gray area between estate planning and elder care planning.  The reasons for this are understandable and predictable:  1) we are all members of an aging population, 2) seniors, those persons over age 60, are increasing in significant numbers, 3) because of […]

Charitable Aspects of Estate Planning
James D. Walsh, Tax    August 20, 2012

Many of our clients have minor children, or adult children with special needs, who are dependent on the parents’ support and who would need continued financial support even after the parents were gone.  For most of our clients, however, their children are grown and self-sufficient.  Some of our clients express concern that their family members […]

Bad Will Hunting
Estate Administration, James D. Walsh    August 15, 2012

In the course of our discussions with clients, one of the more frequent comments we receive in response to our series of “what if” questions, asking about contingencies to be addressed in case something happens unexpectedly to their intended beneficiaries, is “I never thought of that.” We all assume that mortality events among family members […]