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The WalshLaw Report Finds Its Way Online

August 11th, 2010

Here at Walsh & Company, P.A., we pride ourselves on helping our clients remain up-to-date on what is happening in the legal world around them.  So much information flows through us on a daily basis, it is impossible to process it all. In years past, we have provided a newsletter, “The WalshLaw Report”, to our clients by mail and during visits to our office in Columbia, Maryland. Today, Walsh & Company takes a step in the direction of allowing our clients more frequent access to updates in the estates and trusts arena by creating the online edition of The WalshLaw Report.

While the paper version of the Report is written on a roughly quarterly basis, the online edition will be more frequent and, consequently, posts will cover one topic at a time.  It is our hope that you will take advantage of this resource whether you are an existing client or not! Please subscribe to our feed or via email using the sidebar to keep abreast of updates to our blog.

Readers will generally see a disclaimer like the one in the next paragraph in postings to this site. It is important that our readers understand that, simply by virtue of reading The WalshLaw Report, you may not receive a complete answer to your particular situation and you should contact us or local counsel (if you are not in Maryland, as laws vary from state to state) to address your needs.

Disclaimer: This website  does not create an attorney-client relationship, it does not constitute legal advice, and it should not be relied upon as such. Laws vary from state to state, and an attorney cannot fully evaluate your situation without a comprehensive consultation and review of all facts and information readily available.

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